Feed conversion and Feed Mills


Quality nutrition must respect the animal growth curve, enhancing the deposition of muscle tissue rather than the greasy and provide quality and carcass yield. Although it is a relatively simple measure (feed intake/weight gain), the feed conversion serves as warning to decision-making. Feed efficiency may be the idea more present in any production system, but "How do we get it?". To answer that question, the leading industry experts will gather in the XVI technical scientific Seminar of poultry and swine, in 2017 AveSui, to present the most current in the process that involves the feed conversion in animal nutrition in order to offer new proposals and solutions to strengthen the sector.

The seminar aims to promote Technical discussions on topics vital to the productive chains of poultry, eggs and pigs, with the participation of the best and most influential experts, from Brazil and abroad. The meeting became reference in the discussion of the main technical issues for poultry and pig production. Those interested in participating in this and other panels of the XVI technical scientific Seminar of poultry and swine can make your registration on the site of the fair www.avesui.com.br

Auditorium of Innovations

The industry is challenged to identify what are the biggest opportunities in the manufacture of animal feed, based on diagnoses made in recent years. Thus, the theme will also be extended to the "Auditorium of innovations", in open space within the exhibition. At the site, visitors can attend free lectures on critical variables of the feed manufacturing process, helping to maximize the use of resources in order to maximize the expected results within the best possible cost.

To make your entry in the XVI technical Scientific Seminar of Poultry and Swine go to:


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