Sponsoring events: a straight shot on customer loyalty


Currently there is a large number of companies that associate their brands to events, especially those that have synergy with your area of expertise. In times of crisis, companies seek in their actions to increase the number of customers and retain those who already are. Sponsorship is more one of the Marketing tools that takes experience to the consumer in order to retain it or gain sympathy from him. In a planning, hardly you will have a large budget for events. So, the ideal is that sponsorship is a marriage between various interests: you can join customers and potential customers and that generate new revenue for the company, for this separate 3 advantages to sponsor an event.

1-Brand awareness: Be present at an event as a sponsor makes it possible to strengthen the brand value and strengthen your business positioning, as well as to relate to new contacts RELATIONSHIP and potential customers.

2-Increase the relationship: introduce a new product or service and show can increase the differential reinforcement of relations between you and your client.

3-Generation of new contacts: In an event where you are face to face with an audience interested in your product or service, the number of new contacts tends to always be bigger than your usual average. Not to mention the benefit of direct contact and capture needs and new insights about your product or service. AveSui is a great opportunity to invest in relationships with your target audience. In three days the fair will bring together businessmen and buyers who seek to find technological solutions that meet the needs of the market. Is, without a doubt, the best opportunity to present their novelties and products for poultry and swine industries of Brazil and Latin America.

Access to the various forms of participation in: www.avesui.com/formas-de-participacao

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